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With its 8 m high ceiling and 5 iso-booths Babajim Studio A is one of the finest designed studios in the region. The favourite recording space for rock, jazz, classical, folk and pop musicians who want to record as an ensemble Babajim A is home to a Fazioli F228 Grand Piano and Rupert Neve 5088 analogue console among other state of the art equipment.

Studio Plan


1 x AKG C 414 B-XL II matched pair
3 x AKG C 414
1 x AKG D 112
1 x AKG C 451 B/ST Stereo Pair
1 x AKG C 451 B
1 x Audio-Technica AT3035
2 x Coles 4038 Ribbon Mic
1 x Crown PZM-30D
1 x DPA 3506 4006 Stereo Kit
2 x Josephson C42MP FET
1 x Neumann M149 Tube
2 x Neumann U87 Matched Pair
1 x Neumann U87
1 x Royer R-121 Ribbon
4 x Sennheiser MD 421 MK2
1 x Sennheiser E602
4 x Sennheiser E 904
1 x Shure Beta 52
5 x Shure SM 57 with TAB-Funkenwork transformers
1 x Shure SM 58
2 x Shure SM7B
1 x Telefunken ELA M 251E


Rupert Neve 5088 32 channel Analog Console w/Tonelux Shadowmix
2 x Rupert Neve 5032 Mic Pre/EQ
5 x Rupert Neve 5012 Dual Mic Pre
2 x API 7600 Channel Strip
1 x API 3124 4 ch Mic Pre
1 x Grace M801 8 ch Mic Pre
1 x AMS Neve 1073 Dual Channel Mic Pre
6 x Rupert Neve 5033 EQ
3 x Rupert Neve 5043 Dual Channel Comp
1 x Rupert Neve 5042 Dual Channel Tape Emulator
4 x Little Labs IBP Junior
1 x Adam PS-33A Monitor Pair
1 x Adam A-5 Monitor Pair
1 x Avantone Mix Cube Pair
1 x Hear Tech HearBack Headphone System
2 x Apogee AD-16X Convertors
2 x Apogee DA-16X Convertors
1 x Apogee Big Ben Master Clock
1 x Apogee Symphony MK2 AD/DA Convertor
1 x Avid Pro Tools HDX PCİ Card
1 x Apple Mac Pro
Pro Tools 10 HD


Fazioli F228 Grand Piano
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Drum Kit